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Oct. 1st, 2007


[Mod Post] Hiatus notice

After much consideration, jump_pirates_rp is officially going on hiatus for us to renovate and clean up several things as well as take care of high amounts of inactivity. We will be deleting several things from the community, so save them now if you wish to keep them.

You can reapply for your characters when we re-open in the future. In the meantime, we apologize immensely. We hope to see you all here again in the future.

Thank you!

-Mods in Spaaace

Sep. 27th, 2007


002 - || |||| | ||| | ||| | |

Okay. Whoeverthefuck decided to treat downtown like a game of dominoes?


You aren't the fuckin' Monkey Wrench Gang, dumbfuck.

Sep. 18th, 2007



Space has been too quiet lately. I think it's time someone makes a bit of noise, perhaps stain the stars red with new blood ? I hear the voices of the repressed.

They want to kill.

[ooc: I is setting a modly example of new format =D]



Alright! Update and some changes going into place. After some extensive deliberation about activity rates in JPRP, we're altering the format somewhat. Instead of members posting in their personal character journals, comment spam-form interaction will be moving to the main community account.

Therefore, instead of my posting a new entry on knitting_evil, I'd post a new entry on jump_pirates_rp, thus allowing for new members to jump into the interaction without having to wait for everyone to add their character journal to get a full venue of interaction.

Along with this, we'll also be introducing a few new plotlines. Katsura (journal_jyanai) will be bombing a few government buildings over the course of the next couple days. Government officials and their neighbors are free to feel the burn (or roast marshmallows as appropriate). Also, keep an eye out as the Earl (knitting_evil) will be mobilizing his 'children' to wreck havoc soon. We'd also like to remind players they're encouraged to start more far-reaching plots and to contact up about seeing them come into play.

But, with these changes, we'll also be seeing a heavier enforcement of participation rules (which is one post a month per character, folks), so keep that in mind!

Sep. 8th, 2007

i need no introduction


[log] Chikusa, Mukuro

Title: A New Family
Characters: Chikusa (killer_yo_yo), Mukuro (possession_shot)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Mukuro gives Chikusa a taste of freedom.

You can go now.Collapse )

Aug. 26th, 2007


[Log] Benihime, Takasugi

title: The Price of Pleasure
characters: Benihime (bloodredties) and Takasugi (one_eyed_beast)
rating: NC-17
summary: Benihime and Takasugi's first night together at the Lotus Blossom.

Loose lips sink shipsCollapse )

Aug. 14th, 2007



Please comment below if the mods have missed any important bit of information such as: major political or criminal group, major place name (such as a restaurant or city), name of a specific ship, etc. Note that, when applying for a new character, your character (regardless of canon) can fall into one of these groups.

If you would like to help the mods by contributing information for blurbs on important subjects, please comment below-- your time is, as always, appreciated!

Important Game Canon InformationCollapse )

Aug. 11th, 2007


[Log] Chizuru, Lambo

title: Just Desserts
characters: Chizuru (captain_lesbian) and Lambo (to_le_rate)
rating: G
summary: Hitman and cupcake thief, Lambo has a run in with the head of DOWHAT.

To… le… rate…Collapse )

Aug. 8th, 2007



Yes, we have a forum now thanks to luminamon. She's given us space on the 110 forums for easy logging for those of us who have busy lives, work, are in a different time zone, etc.

110 Forums

You have to register and request to join before you can log.

Aug. 3rd, 2007


[Log] Benihime, Takasugi

title: Herbal Relaxation
characters: Benihime (bloodredties) and Takasugi (one_eyed_beast)
rating: R
summary: Two long time friends get together over some smoke and a bit of violence.

I trust you know which one is good for your health and entertainment?Collapse )

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